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Veterinary Instruments

Sheep and Goat care instruments and farrier tools:

Sheep hair clippers,Sheep Shears,Foot Rot shears,Sheep Machine,Castrator.

Horse Care instruments:

Hoof Cutter Compund Action,Hoof Nipper,Calf Puller,Aligator Clincher,Hoof Rasp,Tooth Rasp,Mouth Gags,Cury Combs,Saddles.

Bull and Calf insturments:

Ealstrator,Calf Puller,Mark Ring Applicator,Ear tag Applicators,Baling Gun,Revolver Syringe,Emasculaters,Cow Machine,Bull Holders.

Surgical Instruments:

Anesthesia Instruments,Surgical Retrectors and laryngo Scope.